William Perry

( Chief of Operations )

William “Bill” Perry is the Chief Operating Officer of Hybrid Engineering Corporation. He Graduated summa cum lade from UCLA, with a degree in Computer Science, distinguished himself as a West Point Graduate, before going on to receive an MBA from Harvard University. He has served as an executive vice president of ATT, and SR VP of Business Development for IBM worldwide, and focuses his time and attention to planning and execution of large scale financial and industrial requirements on projects for our clients. Bills focus is on improving the QOS (Quality of Service) which we provide our clients, in areas of transparency, and operational analysis with a specific emphasis on Computational Analytics. This is accomplished through improving processes involved in the execution of client’s expectations

Louis Libin

( Chief Technology Officer )

Louis is a Senior Partner, and lead  Electrical Engineer for the firm and manages the broadcom division specializing in event location project management for technology roll outs for large scale events. Louis comes to the firm having established a long carreer where among other things, has been responsible for the FCC of the United States Communication Spectrum planning and Design bodies (on loan to the Agency ) to write both Satellite and Broad-Cast Spectrum, and served on the President of the United States Infrastructure Advisory Committee as well as coordinated the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva Switzerland while also having developed the first solar villages for Organization of American States. Mr. Libin holds a PHD from M.I.T. In Engineering and Optical Electronics, and is widely recognized as the foremost wireless engineer in the world, having chaired most major global events from Olympic Broadcasts of the International Olympic Games for the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Superbowls, 3 Presidential Ingratiations, and established communication and Broad cast systems around the world.


Keith Dwain Crawford

( Director of Research & Development )

Dr. Crawford attended the University of Texas graduating Summa Cum Laude, earning a B.A. in Biology/Chemistry and earning a M.D. in Medicine, before going on to earn a PHD (immunology), at Harvard University. Dr. Crawford serves as the Senior Partner on Biological issues for clients ranging from on-site safety mechanisms to supplementary auxiliary devices to improve societal national security for Harvard and the department of defense. Dr Crawford is responsible for the analysis and design of processes which improve the life cycle and safety of rail cars and chemical processes to clean them.

Tony L. Council

( Director of Operations )

Tony Council has 34-years of progressive experience completing engineering and construction projects on time and within budget. His responsibilities have included supervision of multi-disciplined field and office personnel as well as other standard engineering and construction duties across all areas related to oil and gas. Tony graduated from the North Carolina A&T State University, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and is professionally certified. Mr. Council is a Registered Professional Engineer, and member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Pi Tau Sigma Engineering Fraternity (VP). Tony also is a member on the Board of the Sam Houston Area Boy Scouts and is an active Board Member for Coastal Water Authority. Mr. Council received the PINNACLE AWARD in 2012 from the Houston’s Citizen Chamber of Commerce for his groundbreaking work in the oil and gas sector which also included work as the project manager of its total scope in the Green Lake Project with BP Amaco, setting a record for the world’s longest directionally drilled pipeline ever constructed.

Mitch Hasbrouck

( Senior Analyst )

Mitch is a Graduate B.S. Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech with a MS in Computer Science from Colorado Tech, and has specialized in project management, and planning in the Mineral Resource oil and gas industry for the past two decades. Having implemented strategies for quality control, and QOS for the reserves process, and established Fixed/Variable LOE Cost models for companies as diverse as Berry Petroleum, to Occidental, and Southwestern Energy Company, he is widely known and recognized for his attention to detail and skill in making sure Customer efficiencies’ are met in the industry as automation and technology advances are widely needed and appreciated. Mitch’s diverse background across all subdivisions of the Industry along with his education, formal training, and years of work with companies such as Phillips Petrolumium and Gulf Oil Company, make him unique in his understanding and ability to get Projects done on time, on budget, and with an understanding of the full scope of client considerations operational, technical, and regulatory.

Edward Zotian

( VP of Finance )

BS Finance and M.B.A University of Connecticut followed by J.D. Wake Forest University School of Law. Over 30 years of successful merger & acquisition work including structuring transactions, putting together financial documents, and negotiating profitable contracts. Ed has been the president of an investment bank, as well as having a diverse legal background having Represented United States Property and casualty subsidiary of the largest Property and Casualty Insurance Company domiciled in Finland, restructuring specific assets and removing the specific risk from statutory statement to an off-shore captive to enhance surplus. He has represented lenders and structured bank loans and collateral for RBC Centura, Bank of America and First Union.


Brig. Gen. Arnold Gordon-Bray

(Advisory Board )

General Bray is the senior military advisor to the firm, General Bray graduated from Central Missouri State University with his B.S. degree in art in 1978. Gordon-Bray’s military education includes the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, the Combined Arms Services and Staff College the, the Naval War College, and numerous other military schools. Gordon-Bray became chief of the training division at Joint Special Operations command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1990. In 1996, he was named commander of the 1st Battalion of the 508th Airborne Combat Team in Vicenza, Italy. In 1999, he graduated from the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama with his M.A. degree in military strategic studies; and, in 2001, Gordon-Bray graduated with his M.A. degree in operations management and supervision from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. He then assumed command of the 2nd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division, known as the “Falcon Brigade.” He led the Falcon Brigade during the early months of the Iraq War in 2003, and then served a second tour of duty in Iraq from 2006 to 2007 as the principal advisor to the Iraqi Ground Force Commander. During 2007, Gordon-Bray became deputy commanding general of the United States Army Cadet Command in Fort Monroe, Virginia. In 2011, Gordon-Bray became deputy director of operations for the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). He then retired in November of 2012


Major General James L. Williams

(Advisory Board )

General Williams served his country for over 35 years in the military; he retired in 2010. He has commanded Marines at every level in combat operations and readiness. He was last assigned as the Commanding General, 4th Marine Division. In addition, General Williams served on the Secretary of Defense’s Reserve Force Policy Board. Included in his military decorations are the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, and the National Defense Medal, to name a few. During the Carter and Reagan Presidencies, Major General Williams served as a Military White House Social Aide. He was serving at The White House during the Middle East Peace talks between Israel and Egypt, the rescue attempt to free hostages from Iran, and during the assassination attempt on President Reagan in 1981.



John Durkay

( Advisory Board )

John is a Board Member and senior Advisory Council to the Board and its Members. He trains the staff and the clients on areas of professional business matters pertaining to occupational safety Oil and Gas, and federal statutory policy in areas related to chemical process control system security and National security. John Graduated from Fordham and received his law degree from Harvard University. John has served in the U.S. States Naval Intelligence and Classified Research divisions of the U.S. Federal Government. He has successfully argued multiple cases before the United States Supreme Court Changing law and precedent on different occasions and currently serves as the General Council to the Southeast Triangle (Golden Triangle) association of Petrochemical Refineries which represents 80 percent of all the employees in the Petrochemical Industry for the United States, and regularly advises the United States Congress on and supports their effort with creating a regulatory framework for the safety of the employees of the Industry and the security of the Critical Infrastructure of the United States.

Keith Dwain Crawford

Dr. Crawford attended the University of Texas graduating Summa Cum Laude, earning a B.A. in Biology/Chemistry and earning a M.D. in Medicine, before going on to earn a PHD (immunology), at Harvard University. Dr. Crawford serves as the Senior Partner on Biological issues for clients ranging from on-site safety mechanisms to supplementary auxiliary devices to improve societal national security for Harvard and the department of defense. Dr Crawford is responsible for the analysis and design of processes which improve the life cycle and safety of rail cars and chemical processes to clean them.

Michael Paranka

Captain Michael Paranka has over 7 years of experience in the United States Air Force, and 4 years of experience in the Government Acquisition industry. He specializes in Satellite under Remote Sensing Systems from his management in the Space & Missiles Systems Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California. Previously he worked as the Program Manager for the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node Platforms. Prior to that, he served as the Project Officer and Increment 2 Team Lead for the Global Aircrew Strategic Terminal program under the Space, Aerial & Nuclear Networks Division in the Electronic Systems Center/Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts. Prior to his assignment at Hanscom AFB, he graduated from the United States Air Force Academy earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and was commissioned as an active duty Air Force Officer. He has earned the Air Force Commendation Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

Micheal  Helvey

Micheal Helvey is an  oil and Gas Industry Professional of 35 years serving as an Advisor to Investment Banks and Hedge Funds on the Industry, after having formed Helvey Oilfield Services, one of the  largest drilling rig repair and refurbishment companies in the US.  With Over 35 years experience in the field, his expertise has led to a number of stunning achievements and partnerships all over the world, including the development of the worlds first next‐generation series of rigs the HDR series, the most technologically advanced land‐based drilling rig in the world. Michael through those years of experience additionally, has specialized over decades providing his knowledge and expertise to Financial institutions and Investment Private Equity firms like Blackstone, and even foreign Governments like Mexico, and those as far as Eastern Europe and Africa, both in private Industry and working directly with the respective Presidents of countries such as Mexico, Nigeria, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya and Russia as well as the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela providing advise and assistance with establishing their own oil and gas infrastructures as opposed to having to surrender their rights to 3rd party oil and gas companies, making him a particularly important partner to their national economic interests.


Richard Moore

Mr. Moore holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Business  Administration, and Computer Science, and  has extensive experience in Technical and General Management in the Computer, Semiconductor, and Software industries. While with General Electric, Moore worked on the development of Multics in conjunction with MIT and the development of Basic with Dartmouth College. Moore led the automation of  Honeywell’s service business, developing a Portable Service Processor, Solution DBMS, and a number of Operating Systems. Richard served as CTO for semiconductor company Zilog  and worked there for a total of twelve years. A recognized significant contribution there was high design productivity through leading edge development processes. At Zilog he also established an Indian presence, Zilog India Electronics Ltd., in Bangalore India, and has been an active presence in Silicon Valley assisting the launch of several high tech companies.